Café Style 

 Top, Zara

Sometime in life you will walk into a place and the scene will be so perfect. The setting will be elegant in a most simple form and the company will fit right into the picture of the place in which you find yourself. These pictures are a perfect representation of this.     So I walk into a coffee shop (which I will tell you more about later). Initially I was not meant to go into this shop but was forced to by my brother as it was in his words ‘the best place ever’.

We go in and the first person I see is this very stylish young lady in the corner. I look around thinking how unmethodical the scene is, her writing or sketching or colouring away. Plus her top is an instant hit – anything Breton usually is. Her dog is sat under the table and basically it is a scene out of a French movie.

Again, she is wearing everything that is so fitting for her and rocking it without really trying – high waisted, ankle grazing jeans, socks showing, septum piercing and as she proudly proclaimed:

My dog is a part of the look!

I couldn’t agree more. What do you think?



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