Going Natural 

The first thing I was attracted to as soon as I saw this young lady was her bag but the more I examined the photo, the more I realised that the Afro sitting combed out on top of her head is the talking point in this look.

As a young woman truly going it au naturel (in the upstairs Afro) department, it’s so refreshing to see another young lady celebrating and rocking the look in a feat of intense fabulousness!

I so want to be her friend so we can talk hair products as well as how she can look like she is either going to or returning from a workout with no hint of effort whatsoever.

This is the perfect weekend shot, makes me want to look this good every Saturday morning.



Throwback Thursday 

 TERANGA, 21 Lower Gate Lane, Norwich 

This past week has been full of beautiful memories, things that have happened in the past but sit so well in your mind that you kind of want to go back there. I’ve even been listening to Destiny’s Child, Otis Redding and I’m back again on the Curtis Mayfield bandwagon. I think this shows how throwback my throwbacks are going.

This idea of finding past gems whether through old clothes, old music or friends from way back to recreate previous memories has led me to this post.
Although I haven’t been out on the streets as usual I had to share something that is so special and reminds me of great times growing up in Africa. I hope you appreciate it. This beauty of a shop in Norwich sells woven accessories, baskets, mats as well as handmade African instruments like Djembe drums. The artisanship is unbelievable, and I highly recommend a visit.

     Plus I couldn’t resist, I bought this bag.

U. x

Fashion Stories… Out Of Africa

Bag, Vivienne Westwood; Skirt, ASOS; Top, Sapelle; Shoes, Zara

I don’t attend many African parties. But what I know is that whenever I attend one, Africans turn the party up and bring the dancing to the floor.

Most of all, the fashion is always a delight to see, the display of colours is a joy to witness and nobody holds back.
It just shows that fashion goes beyond the confines of what we see in the magazines or what the runway shows us. It is a bigger and intuitive industry that works well with culture and our general way of life.

These are just a few of the many beautiful looks captured during the day.

U. x