Working 9 to 5

     Shirt, Asos; Trouser, Asos; Blazer, Isabel Marant; Bag, Dkny; Shoes, Kurt Geiger; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Any excuse to look good is a great one. An outfit for an interview because you have to feel good as well as look the part. Maybe an outfit for your first day at work because you have to make a good first impression. Maybe an outfit for your second day too because you made such a good first impression that your new colleagues asked you out for a drink. You get the drift.

Work clothes can be difficult to perfect since you have to find that balance between professional and not Friday night hoochie! How short does that skirt have to be until it becomes a little too inappropriate for the work place? Most people struggle with these dilemmas so much that the only fail-safe becomes the trouser and shirt.

‘The smart trouser and shirt?’ I hear you scoff. Yes! The trouser and shirt comes to the rescue when that jersey pencil skirt has shrunk in the wash and will now become your new Friday night go to piece. But seriously, the trouser and shirt doesn’t have to be boring when you can add a pop of colour to it like in the images above. Especially in the summer because summer is a great excuse for everything, so just do it!



Tuesday Blues

Jacket, Levi’s; Jumper, Ralph Lauren; Trousers, Zara; Tote, Dr Martens; Shoes, Russell & Bromley


Tuesday has got to be the oddest day of the week. Sorry if today is your birthday. Happy birthday and I hope you have a great one.

But Tuesdays are not the inevitable Mondays or midweek Wednesdays. It’s not almost close to the weekend Thursday. Or weekend here we come Friday.
Tuesdays are just meh! A whole bunch of nothing happens. I can’t even think of any TV shows that happen on a Tuesday that folks could discuss at work on Wednesday.

Well, whilst you are waiting for 5 o’clock to happen, here’s an outfit to reflect the mood.

U. x


I love my Birks. I never thought I’d own a pair.

I know you’re thinking what the heck does that have to do with street style but let me explain. 

As a lover of all things chic, elegant, sartorial on others, I noticed this young lady with what I deemed to be the ugliest shoes ever created but it was the way she wore it; minimalist with fitted jeans and a tank. The look worked.

The thing is, I wish I took a picture of her just to illustrate what I mean.

That mental image has led me to this. A street style blog packed with ideas, images and opinions to feast your senses on.

So please join me. Let’s not let a beautiful outfit go to waste.