The Mariah Effect.

   Coat, Asos; Boots, Primark

You will have seen Mariah Carey’s music videos over the years and you might have noticed the invisible wind that follows her indoors and outdoors which gives her hair this instant volume. I read somewhere that she has a chewing gum disposal assistant, well I won’t be surprised if she also has a hair fan carrier.

This young lady does not need a hair fan carrier because it has been so windy lately. Mariah might even want to shoot her videos here. But the wind was timed perfectly when this shot was taken. Also she wears the perfect combination of dark lipstick, oversized coat and sunglasses that makes her look so Hollywood but weather appropriate. From head to toe, this look is on point!



Something Blue, Something Borrowed 

  Jacket, Barbour; Boots, Dr Martens

When I stopped this fresh faced young lady I could not help but ask where the coat was from. The coat was a talking point and it was refreshing to find out that it was an old Barbour belonging to her mother. 


Yet not only the coat catches the attention but the hints of blue from the sweater and shirt as well as the scarf brings a nice touch to the outfit. Plus the Dr Martens add a grungy edge to a rather smart look.

Effortless from head to toe.


Little Red Rocking Boots 

Skirt, Urban Outfitters; Shoes, Tata

It was impossible not to stop this very awesome looking lady as she walked down the street. It was the boots that stood out but then the combination of greys with a pop of red is a great choice. Definitely one of my favourite autumn almost meets summer looks.

Plus, the shoes are from China which means that the next time we stop of there we’ll be visiting the stores to satisfy our red boots buying urge.