Tattoos. Love them or hate them, they are everywhere. Whether over the top or less so, they have become part of an individual’s fashion story. And I love it. That kinda explains my obsession with Brandon Boyd.

Also, tattoos are such a great conversation starter don’t you think? Take notes people, on your next date, ask if he or she has a tattoo and watch them start to disrobe. Alright, let’s not get too carried away here.
So, this young gentleman was so kind to show me his ink and a lot of interesting conversations happened afterwards. And he had great style too, the desert boots are a great indication of this.

So if you are thinking about tattoos or desert boots, here’s some inspiration.



1. Shh! Don’t tell ’em. Travel chic


Shh! Don’t tell ’em we snapped this. But, travelling is the best time to people watch and check out how people dress for a journey home or to a party. This gentleman just looked great in maroon or is it burgundy? Well whatever it is he works it well. And that weekend bag is so sartorial. I wonder what he has in it.  

Wherever you are going this weekend, have a good one!


Why So shy?

  Shoes, River Island 

They say that “a week is a long time in politics”, well I think a month is a long time on the blogosphere. A month. So unbelievable and we’re still here. This would not be the case if it wasn’t for all the many views from various corners of the earth. So let me say a resounding thank you for all your support, for viewing; reading; browsing and skimming each post. Without you, there would be no blog (oh dear, I’m starting to sound like an actress faking surprise that she won an award!).

But in all honesty, the support has been humbling. I hope to bring you more exciting stuff from the streets.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d share the 10 things I’ve learned so far from street style blogging. Hold tightly to your chairs, this might be a rough ride:

1. There are some cool, awesome and genuinely nice people out there and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you.

2. Equally there are unbelievably rude folks who act like I’ve just tried to rob them in broad daylight (I still have nothing but love for you though. Time is a healer).

3. Nerves are a major part of the job and I’m not sure how to overcome it. Any ideas?

4. When in doubt listen to Kendrick Lamar. He works wonders to soothe nerves.

5. When in further doubt, call family. They also work wonders to soothe the nerves.

6. Contrary to popular belief the ladies are not as camera shy as men. This has completely changed my preconceived idea that ladies would be more reluctant to be phtographed. (See picture above, the gentleman would not allow me to take a full photo until he had ‘beautified himself’). Come on guys you look just as fabulous. No need to be shy.

7. Photos look better when the sun is shinning. Which might actually convince me to move permanently to hotter climes.

8. There are so many mega stylish folks out there. But they hang out in packs which makes an approach pretty difficult. So, hang around in twos or threes, it’ll make life easier for us all, don’t you think? Then we can share even more fabulous photos and inspiration, of course.

9. Smile, smile, smile. Always! It helps.

10. Thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve photographed on the street. The future people to be photographed and last but not least YOU, the ever faithful reader.

Peace and love.


I Love His Glasses And I Cannot Lie


This gentleman was the sweetest. It’s refreshing when people are surprised that other people think that they dress so well.

Let’s talk about the glasses. When 1920s aviator goggles and stunna shades met each other, this is what it produced.

The glasses are on the next level of coolsome*. And shame we can’t get them unless we are booked on the next flight to Dubai. 

*Coolsome should be a new word, don’t you think?

U. x