Bling Rings

 Rings on right, index finger, Pandora; middle finger, Topshop; ring finger, eBay 

Ring on left, Topshop 

Sun’s out, rings out! Ok that’s not how the saying goes but it seems that way.

Now that summer’s here (when it’s not raining) and we can truly expose limbs and rings, it’s extremely fun to see the array of jewels being popped on fingers around town.

One of the most exciting activities after checking out a person’s look, is finding out their story even without speaking to them, you can look at their accessories. Accessories can be interpreted broadly in this case, so it could be a festival wristband, a friendship bracelet or even a wedding ring.

The stories accessories can tell are so vast, that it’s difficult not to form a narrative about why a person has chosen to wear a certain piece.

The lovely young lady’s hands pictured above are a good example of this, and I had to ask questions about each piece. It produced interesting conversation and now I want every single one of them.

Do you think rings can be great storytellers?



Going Natural 

The first thing I was attracted to as soon as I saw this young lady was her bag but the more I examined the photo, the more I realised that the Afro sitting combed out on top of her head is the talking point in this look.

As a young woman truly going it au naturel (in the upstairs Afro) department, it’s so refreshing to see another young lady celebrating and rocking the look in a feat of intense fabulousness!

I so want to be her friend so we can talk hair products as well as how she can look like she is either going to or returning from a workout with no hint of effort whatsoever.

This is the perfect weekend shot, makes me want to look this good every Saturday morning.


Le Café: A Discovery 

     Kofra Norwich, Unthank Road, NR2 2RA

One of the many joys derived from a day of walking aimlessly, looking for ‘stylish people’ is the opportunity to relax, write, think and reevaluate everything I have ever done. No jokes! I mean everything. And relaxation comes mostly in the form of a café break.

Yet the café experience of 2015 is not as relaxing when you feel like you’re in a very stressful episode of Girls. You know Girls, the HBO series created by the ubiquitous Lena Dunham. In Girls, everything is so avant-garde and the issues are far too #millennial. (I had to add the hashtag for effect). 

The point I’m trying to get at is that there is this recurring scene I see every time I walk into a café just like in Girls, I experienced it the other day too, of people staring at laptop or tablet screens made by a certain brand with an apple engraved on the cover. Plus, said person is completely zonked, probably writing that award winning script or memoir.

Nothing had seemed authentic or interpersonal about cafés or so I thought until I went into this one. Kofra! It was also here I met this lovely young lady and her friendly dog.

It was calm, quiet and felt a bit like your local pub (space wise). And you feel valued as a customer and fellow coffee (or tea) drinker when you walk in. The decor is minimal in every sense but still interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to visit as often as I’d like to, it’s all the way in Norwich but I highly recommend in case you find yourself in the beautiful city. This charming café presents a lovely setting away from the hustle and bustle of high-street chains, a friendly face and above anything else, peace!

Ps: you must try the soya latte, it is divine!


Working 9 to 5

     Shirt, Asos; Trouser, Asos; Blazer, Isabel Marant; Bag, Dkny; Shoes, Kurt Geiger; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Any excuse to look good is a great one. An outfit for an interview because you have to feel good as well as look the part. Maybe an outfit for your first day at work because you have to make a good first impression. Maybe an outfit for your second day too because you made such a good first impression that your new colleagues asked you out for a drink. You get the drift.

Work clothes can be difficult to perfect since you have to find that balance between professional and not Friday night hoochie! How short does that skirt have to be until it becomes a little too inappropriate for the work place? Most people struggle with these dilemmas so much that the only fail-safe becomes the trouser and shirt.

‘The smart trouser and shirt?’ I hear you scoff. Yes! The trouser and shirt comes to the rescue when that jersey pencil skirt has shrunk in the wash and will now become your new Friday night go to piece. But seriously, the trouser and shirt doesn’t have to be boring when you can add a pop of colour to it like in the images above. Especially in the summer because summer is a great excuse for everything, so just do it!


Hello Summer!

Vest Top, River Island 

For most people, summer starts when the sun comes out. Or when the school holidays begin. But for me nothing says summer’s here like a RUN DMC t-shirt.

I have one myself, a blinged out version, mostly worn during the summer with extra large hoops and I’m considering a gold chain too just to really bring back the 80s!

Well, as soon as I set eyes on this young lady, summer officially began in my mind. Paired with jeggings and of course Converse Chuck Taylors she looks fresh fresh fresh!

In case you wanted to know she also runs this store. Not only is she dressed the part she’s also handling her business, LITERALLY!


The Mariah Effect.

   Coat, Asos; Boots, Primark

You will have seen Mariah Carey’s music videos over the years and you might have noticed the invisible wind that follows her indoors and outdoors which gives her hair this instant volume. I read somewhere that she has a chewing gum disposal assistant, well I won’t be surprised if she also has a hair fan carrier.

This young lady does not need a hair fan carrier because it has been so windy lately. Mariah might even want to shoot her videos here. But the wind was timed perfectly when this shot was taken. Also she wears the perfect combination of dark lipstick, oversized coat and sunglasses that makes her look so Hollywood but weather appropriate. From head to toe, this look is on point!


Café Style 

 Top, Zara

Sometime in life you will walk into a place and the scene will be so perfect. The setting will be elegant in a most simple form and the company will fit right into the picture of the place in which you find yourself. These pictures are a perfect representation of this.     So I walk into a coffee shop (which I will tell you more about later). Initially I was not meant to go into this shop but was forced to by my brother as it was in his words ‘the best place ever’.

We go in and the first person I see is this very stylish young lady in the corner. I look around thinking how unmethodical the scene is, her writing or sketching or colouring away. Plus her top is an instant hit – anything Breton usually is. Her dog is sat under the table and basically it is a scene out of a French movie.

Again, she is wearing everything that is so fitting for her and rocking it without really trying – high waisted, ankle grazing jeans, socks showing, septum piercing and as she proudly proclaimed:

My dog is a part of the look!

I couldn’t agree more. What do you think?