Bling Rings

 Rings on right, index finger, Pandora; middle finger, Topshop; ring finger, eBay 

Ring on left, Topshop 

Sun’s out, rings out! Ok that’s not how the saying goes but it seems that way.

Now that summer’s here (when it’s not raining) and we can truly expose limbs and rings, it’s extremely fun to see the array of jewels being popped on fingers around town.

One of the most exciting activities after checking out a person’s look, is finding out their story even without speaking to them, you can look at their accessories. Accessories can be interpreted broadly in this case, so it could be a festival wristband, a friendship bracelet or even a wedding ring.

The stories accessories can tell are so vast, that it’s difficult not to form a narrative about why a person has chosen to wear a certain piece.

The lovely young lady’s hands pictured above are a good example of this, and I had to ask questions about each piece. It produced interesting conversation and now I want every single one of them.

Do you think rings can be great storytellers?