Going Natural 

The first thing I was attracted to as soon as I saw this young lady was her bag but the more I examined the photo, the more I realised that the Afro sitting combed out on top of her head is the talking point in this look.

As a young woman truly going it au naturel (in the upstairs Afro) department, it’s so refreshing to see another young lady celebrating and rocking the look in a feat of intense fabulousness!

I so want to be her friend so we can talk hair products as well as how she can look like she is either going to or returning from a workout with no hint of effort whatsoever.

This is the perfect weekend shot, makes me want to look this good every Saturday morning.



Working 9 to 5

     Shirt, Asos; Trouser, Asos; Blazer, Isabel Marant; Bag, Dkny; Shoes, Kurt Geiger; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban

Any excuse to look good is a great one. An outfit for an interview because you have to feel good as well as look the part. Maybe an outfit for your first day at work because you have to make a good first impression. Maybe an outfit for your second day too because you made such a good first impression that your new colleagues asked you out for a drink. You get the drift.

Work clothes can be difficult to perfect since you have to find that balance between professional and not Friday night hoochie! How short does that skirt have to be until it becomes a little too inappropriate for the work place? Most people struggle with these dilemmas so much that the only fail-safe becomes the trouser and shirt.

‘The smart trouser and shirt?’ I hear you scoff. Yes! The trouser and shirt comes to the rescue when that jersey pencil skirt has shrunk in the wash and will now become your new Friday night go to piece. But seriously, the trouser and shirt doesn’t have to be boring when you can add a pop of colour to it like in the images above. Especially in the summer because summer is a great excuse for everything, so just do it!


Hello Summer!

Vest Top, River Island 

For most people, summer starts when the sun comes out. Or when the school holidays begin. But for me nothing says summer’s here like a RUN DMC t-shirt.

I have one myself, a blinged out version, mostly worn during the summer with extra large hoops and I’m considering a gold chain too just to really bring back the 80s!

Well, as soon as I set eyes on this young lady, summer officially began in my mind. Paired with jeggings and of course Converse Chuck Taylors she looks fresh fresh fresh!

In case you wanted to know she also runs this store. Not only is she dressed the part she’s also handling her business, LITERALLY!


Everything On Fleek!


Top, Monsoon

Ok I cheated a bit because she is indoors, but I know you’ll forgive me because her top is noteworthy. Also, I cheated again because the term ‘Fleek’ has only been used for all things eyebrows related. But who cares about rules anyway. We make our own as we go along, right?

But in all honesty, we all love it when we go shopping and a lovely assistant is there to help. Plus she’s allowed an opinion because she’s dressed so well and you can trust that she knows what she’s doing if she wears a top as a dress and she mixes black with brown. Rules are meant to be broken, and this young lady breaks them well.



Why So shy?

  Shoes, River Island 

They say that “a week is a long time in politics”, well I think a month is a long time on the blogosphere. A month. So unbelievable and we’re still here. This would not be the case if it wasn’t for all the many views from various corners of the earth. So let me say a resounding thank you for all your support, for viewing; reading; browsing and skimming each post. Without you, there would be no blog (oh dear, I’m starting to sound like an actress faking surprise that she won an award!).

But in all honesty, the support has been humbling. I hope to bring you more exciting stuff from the streets.

In the meantime though, I thought I’d share the 10 things I’ve learned so far from street style blogging. Hold tightly to your chairs, this might be a rough ride:

1. There are some cool, awesome and genuinely nice people out there and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you.

2. Equally there are unbelievably rude folks who act like I’ve just tried to rob them in broad daylight (I still have nothing but love for you though. Time is a healer).

3. Nerves are a major part of the job and I’m not sure how to overcome it. Any ideas?

4. When in doubt listen to Kendrick Lamar. He works wonders to soothe nerves.

5. When in further doubt, call family. They also work wonders to soothe the nerves.

6. Contrary to popular belief the ladies are not as camera shy as men. This has completely changed my preconceived idea that ladies would be more reluctant to be phtographed. (See picture above, the gentleman would not allow me to take a full photo until he had ‘beautified himself’). Come on guys you look just as fabulous. No need to be shy.

7. Photos look better when the sun is shinning. Which might actually convince me to move permanently to hotter climes.

8. There are so many mega stylish folks out there. But they hang out in packs which makes an approach pretty difficult. So, hang around in twos or threes, it’ll make life easier for us all, don’t you think? Then we can share even more fabulous photos and inspiration, of course.

9. Smile, smile, smile. Always! It helps.

10. Thank you to all the wonderful people I’ve photographed on the street. The future people to be photographed and last but not least YOU, the ever faithful reader.

Peace and love.


They woke up like this!

  Lady on the left wears jeans from Zara; Lady on the right wears Nike Air

These ladies are bang on trend in every way imaginable.

Boat shoes CHECK 

Nike kicks CHECK 

Oversized sunglasses CHECK 

Ripped jeans CHECK 

I don’t ever remember looking this great while studying for exams.

To be honest I barely left the room  during my finals and the last thing we thought about at 4 a.m. while we took turns to sleep for 20 minutes then wake the other up so as not to oversleep, was looking presentable.

But these ladies have achieved what I couldn’t. They make casual in an I woke up like this kinda way look possible.

Respect to these ladies! For looking great in stressful moments!


Fashion Stories… Out Of Africa

Bag, Vivienne Westwood; Skirt, ASOS; Top, Sapelle; Shoes, Zara

I don’t attend many African parties. But what I know is that whenever I attend one, Africans turn the party up and bring the dancing to the floor.

Most of all, the fashion is always a delight to see, the display of colours is a joy to witness and nobody holds back.
It just shows that fashion goes beyond the confines of what we see in the magazines or what the runway shows us. It is a bigger and intuitive industry that works well with culture and our general way of life.

These are just a few of the many beautiful looks captured during the day.

U. x