Hello Summer!

Vest Top, River Island 

For most people, summer starts when the sun comes out. Or when the school holidays begin. But for me nothing says summer’s here like a RUN DMC t-shirt.

I have one myself, a blinged out version, mostly worn during the summer with extra large hoops and I’m considering a gold chain too just to really bring back the 80s!

Well, as soon as I set eyes on this young lady, summer officially began in my mind. Paired with jeggings and of course Converse Chuck Taylors she looks fresh fresh fresh!

In case you wanted to know she also runs this store. Not only is she dressed the part she’s also handling her business, LITERALLY!



She wore it well

 T-shirt, Forever 21

Very few people wear graphics or slogan tees well. Just like very few people can say they have never read or watched Harry Potter. (Uh uh)! Guilty as charged.

But graphics tees often remind me of blokey t-shirts with printed on half-naked women on them and nobody likes to see that.

This young lady really wears a graphic tee well. Movie t-shirts are great because they have that timeless feel. The same goes for a recent t-shirt I spotted with graphics of Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea on it.

T-shirts can sometimes be hit and miss because you need something with character, not too crazy, not too plain and she gets the balance right with turned up jeans and brown accents. Great combination!

U. x